shaving brush in amboyna

230,00 €


The handle of this brush is made in burled amboyna, a precious wood that grows in the tropic-equatorial belt including India and Far East up to the Philippines and Indonesia. One of the most expensive and valuable materials on the market, difficult to process because hard and tought; however the result is smooth with a pleasant shiny finish.

This brush's knot is the Voigt&cop flagship. The bristles are entirely Silvertip badger with a rounded tip and appreciated for their softness. Very indicated for shaving brushes because resistant and delicate on the skin and also because these bristles hold great quantities of water so the lather builds up quickly. the knots are entirely hand-sewn by the craftsman, thus guaranteeing a hight density and the best quality Super Badger on the market.

With these features every brush is unique and "one of a kind".


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